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Modern Render Techniques - Links(Updated 1.08.16)

Simple Alternative to Clustered Shading for Thousands of Lights Temporal Reprojection and SAO Shaders: Tone mapping Deep G-Buffers for Stable Global Illumination Approximation Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion by Unsharp Masking of the Depth Buffer

Source code lines count

Simple and comfortable utility what computes metrics of code. Result for my project: Engine Only: —————————————— 308 Source Files 40815 Lines of Code 6004 Blank Lines of Code 602 Code and Comment Lines of Code Editors (Level, Logic, Sound, Material, EngineToEditor Layer) —————————————— 69 Source Files 13826 Lines of Code 1126 Blank Lines of Code 15 Code and Comment Lines of Code Shaders: —————————————— 33 Source Files 4339 Lines of Code 399 Blank Lines of Code 61 Code and Comment Lines of Code Plugins and tools for art: —————————————— 21 Source Files 3935 Lines of Code 713 Blank Lines of Code 7 Code and Comment Lines of Code Of course in the metrics there is no SDK and another third-party slag, all this is written own hands.

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NGTech Engine Technical Specifictaions 17.06.2016

Render Fully Deferred Rendering  Physically Based Rendering. Parallax Occlusion Mapping Steep Parallax Mapping Parallax Mapping FXAA The gamma-correct, linear colour space renderer Hardware Occlusion Query Frustum Culling PBR includes:Physically based materials - metalness workflow. Punctual light sources. Physics System Powered by nVidia PhysX technology, can utilise multiple CPU cores, or nVidia GPU hardware. Tightly integrated into the content pipeline and the game itself, including physical materials on all surfaces, physically driven sound Rigid body constructions. On hardware-accelerated PhysX platforms engine implements full physically correct behaviour of particles such as smoke, debris, etc. Audio System Multi-threaded high dynamic range Audio system with constant memory usage and data-driven design 3D sound positioning, spatialisation and attenuation Reverb, low-pass/high-pass filtering, pitch shifting - all auto-calculated based on sound-path