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Useful extenssioins for Visual Studio

SQL Entity Visualizer -Entity Framework Debugger Visualizer to display SQL source code generated by Entity Framework. Entity Developer for LINQ to SQL - is a powerful ORM designer - modeling and code generation tool for LINQ to SQL. C# WPF WPF Office 2010 Silver Theme - office 2010 theme for official Microsoft WPF controls TimeTracking VSJira - adds tools to the IDE to interact with JIRA servers. Scrum Sprint Monitor - Scrum Sprint Monitor provides the Agile team with hands-off, always up-to-date status of the current Sprint, both at the individual and team level. CodeStyle Indent Guides - Adds vertical lines at each indent level Editor Guidelines - Adds vertical lines at each indent level Indent Guides Spell Checker - Adds vertical lines at each indent level Visual StyleCop - Adds tool for cleaning of code, insertion 'copyright headers' and etc Snippet Packs JavaScript Snippet Pack - A snippet pack to make you more productive working with JavaScript. Based on the