Сообщения за май, 2022

[DevOps][Note] How enable ssh authentication without password on Fedora

Hello,   cd  ~/.ssh ls Should be <fileName>.pub and <fileName> (private key)  ssh-copy-id -f -i <filename>.pub <username>@<host> Based on: link 1 link 2

[NodeJS] How the solve problem with building of node-saas(7.0.1) on nodejs 17

Hello,  because in some projects I has legacy dependencies (version lock), I got some problems with modern versions of nodejs interpretator, you will just got errrors on trying of build. You can reproduce it on MacOSX 12.3.1 and Node JS 17/18. One of the problems - python2, it's have problems on modern versions mac, so you can't install it using brew command So algorithm for solving it: Install python2 from official site ( https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2718/ ) which python2 npm config set python /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/python2 Install gcc/clang C++ compiler (hint: you can install xcode) CXXFLAGS="--std=c++17" npm i

[Notes] How check warriarity of Huawei and Apple products

Hello, it's the short post with links where you can check warriority of Huawei and Apple products and accessories in Russian segment of inthernet Huawei Where find S/N for check on Huawei devices Apple