Friday, June 17, 2016

NGTech Engine Technical Specifictaions 17.06.2016

  • Fully Deferred Rendering 
  • Physically Based Rendering.
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Steep Parallax Mapping
  • Parallax Mapping
  • FXAA
  • The gamma-correct, linear colour space renderer
  • Hardware Occlusion Query
  • Frustum Culling
PBR includes:Physically based materials - metalness workflow.
Punctual light sources.

Physics System
Powered by nVidia PhysX technology, can utilise multiple CPU cores, or nVidia GPU hardware.
  • Tightly integrated into the content pipeline and the game itself, including physical materials on all surfaces, physically driven sound
  • Rigid body constructions.
On hardware-accelerated PhysX platforms engine implements full physically correct behaviour of particles such as smoke, debris, etc.

Audio System
Multi-threaded high dynamic range Audio system with constant memory usage and data-driven design
  • 3D sound positioning, spatialisation and attenuation
  • Reverb, low-pass/high-pass filtering, pitch shifting - all auto-calculated based on sound-path and adjustable by multi-layer environment zones, scripting or programmatically
  • OGG-vorbis compressed with adjustable quality

Includes two pipelines:
  1. Lua-pipeline (with lifetime control of object).
  2. C++-pipeline (not realtime).

Currently supported:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android (Partially)
  • 3D Studio Max export plugin
  • Level Editor: scale, rotate, moving objects, changes of properties

Engine was written completelly on C++ except editor (C#), and has using object-oriented design 

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