Wednesday, March 10, 2021

[DevOPS] How upgrade sonarqube to latest version (in docker image)

We will be to try upgrade from 8.5 version to 8.7.

  1. Download from sonarqube site archive with sonarqube (
  2. Run: docker pull sonarqube:8.7-community
  3. Update your .env file, the field SONAR_VERSION must be a full version from the archive ( for this). For example name of your archive ( - use these numbers.
  4. Run container if it not started, and check logs - must be label what manual migration of database is needed (In the web interface you will see what sonarqube under maintenance).
  5. Go to <your_host>/setup
  6. Click to "upgrade database"
  7. Restart the container and check your version in toolbar

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