Monday, March 15, 2021

Small problem with display of macbook 2019


So how like many people already writes MacBook has a very close distance between the display and metal frame. I got this is the problem... one a grain of sand is destroyed my display... Apple is refused to do this under warranty, so I was lost 500$. 

Problem is famous already a long time. The repair was done in B2X, at my expense. So, how you can see, In my mac 2019 we already have and keyboard marks on the display. 

On these images, the age of my mac is 3 months. And another problem - the keyboard and mouse is not works when MacBook is going away from sleep mode. It took 2 weeks to fix it, and Apple refused to acknowledge the problem - only after a video record has been provided and demonstrated personally to the engineer they recognized this problem.

Problem with processes at Apple  - we need to demonstrate all problems to remote apple engineers too, but because this is a problem is a floating problem it's is not always is possible. So local engineer must demonstrate the problem too to Apple engineers.

The general repair took me 1 month. And the problem with the keyboard sometimes is reverts (and on MacBook pro 16 2019 too). So, maybe it's a software problem.


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